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    Product Description

    The cordless Swivel Sweeper G2 effortlessly glides on all floor surfaces, and swivels to pick up like no other sweeper on wood, tile, carpet, in tight places and behind furniture.
    It easily traps dirt, pet messes, soggy vegetables and more.
    The lightweight Swivel Sweeper G2 weighs only two pounds and has a head that swivels 360°. 4-Quad Brush® Technology picks up on all four sides, and the powerful 7.2-volt rechargeable motor runs up to 45 minutes on a single charge.
    Features a back saver elbow joint, allowing the pole to bend so you don’t have to, and a touchless dirt tray. Storage is easy with a magnetic storage latch that lets the head lift up for compact storage, and a non-slip rubber tip that lets the sweeper rest against the wall without slipping.
    Features & Benefits: 1) Lightweight, powerful, swivels 360 degrees 2) Cordless and rechargeable 3).
    Runs up to 45 minutes on a single charge 4) Quad Brush technology picks up on all four sides 5).
    Touchless dirt tray 6) Back-saver elbow joint; pole bends so you don’t have to 7) Super sliders effortlessly glide on all floor surfaces 8) Magnetic latch so the head flips up for compact storage.

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    Product Description

    2 universal wrenches for all nuts and bolts.
    Lightweight and self-adjusting easily fits to all the bolts ranging from 9mm to 32mm.
    Automatically fits to the size and shape of nuts and bolts.
    Snap n Grip™ is efficient and easy to use.
    No need for having multiple wrenches of different size as this handy set works great for all bolt shapes and sizes.
    Instantly solution to your problems with taps, valves, pipes and piping, radiators boilers, wheels, etc.

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  • Swifty Sharp Motorized knife Sharpener

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    Product Description

    Swifty Sharp Motorized Knife Sharpener can be borrowed from this machine with other household items including a knife hook, leaving only the power button pressing the power button to grind the blade, it will be easily borrowed with the floor, the grip is powered by four “AA” batteries

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