Voice Command Smart Watch Controlled Yellow High Speed car

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Voice Command Smart Watch Controlled Yellow High Speed car

Type: Cars
Material: Plastic
Battery Operated, 1 Battteries
Rechargeable Batteries
Width x Height: 9 cm x 23 cm
Minimum Age: 4 years
Discription: Smart Watch Remote Voice Command Cars.They are designed in a fancy look with cool colors (Red, Green, Blue, Grey, Orange and Yellow). There are 5 control modes, 8 Voice-activated modes so that you can enjoy it when you play by English Speaking. Voice Command: For better signal, please focus your voice command on the the smart watch within 20cm to 40cm. Start the car with the Switch Below the car, The Headlights & the Tail Lights will Blink signalling that the car is Ready for some cool action .After that Keep the Smart Watch’s Start Stop Button Pressed for 3 sec & the car’s engine will Start giving a feel as if an original car ‘s Engine has been Cranked up & after this the Smart car is ready to go full Throttle.Features :• Go Forward • Go Back • Turbo (Acceleration) • Car break (Stop) • Spin out (Speed out for a while and then stop with a perfect drift ) • Demo • Light On • Light Off Manual Control: • Engine Start/Stop • Turn Left • Turn Right • Lights & Sounds Switch • Speed Mode Specifications: • Frequency: 2.4G • Remote Control Distance: 12m-20m • Charged time : 30-40 minutes • Car Battery: 3.7V 250mAh Li-Po, USB charging cable, use time 15-20 mins (Rechargable) • Watch Battery : 3.7V 100mAh lithium , use time 35-40 mins (Rechargable) .Package Included: 1x Voice Control Car ,1x Smart Watch,1x Recharging Cable 1x Manual.”

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